Enjoy our whole skyr with a splash of matcha made from the finest shade-grown tea leaves. Potent in antioxidants and amino acids, matcha has been cherished as an ingredient for health by Japanese monks for 800 years.


Organic cultured pasteurized Whole Milk, Organic Matcha Tea (water, Organic Matcha), Organic Agave Nectar

Live Cultures

Live Active and Probiotic Cultures

Nutritional Facts, 5.3oz (150g)

Total Fat 4g
Sat Fat 3g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholest 25mg


Sodium 45mg
Total Carb 10g
Fibers 0g
Sugars 9g


Protein 14g
Calcium 15%
Vit A 3%
Vit B 2%

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