Perfected over the past Millennia

The history and heritage of Norr Skyr

We are two young Scandinavians, who are passionate about skyr. We value foods that are authentic, clean and simple, and we believe that the healthiest foods are the most basic and least processed.

In an industrialized market with more alchemy than common sense, we want to bring back some wisdom that has succeeded for more than 1000 years. Nōrr skyr is just fresh milk, live active cultures and original Nordic Flavors combined to make one of the healthiest products you’ll find. It is quite simple.

A traditional Nordic superfood, skyr was made by Vikings more than 1000 years ago. Full of protein and calcium, low in carbs and sugar, it is the healthiest dairy product we know of. We use few but great, organic and fresh ingredients, and we never compromise on quality. In Nōrr Skyr you will find no chemicals, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, concentrates or synthetic flavors. It’s real food, it’s clean and it’s healthy.